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Trinidad 10.5� Medium Hybrid Mattress

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A budget-friendly mattress doesn't have to mean sacrifice, and the Trinidad 10.5 Medium Hybrid Mattress is a perfect example of that. With a blend of cushioning, rebound, and support, the Trinidad 10.5 Medium Hybrid Mattress is an incredibly versatile mattress. Well suited to back, side, and stomach sleepers, this medium density mattress delivers the benefits of both memory foam and innersprings while you sleep for a best-of-both-worlds experience. On top of the mattress, layers of the Trinidad's premium memory foam and comfort foam deliver exacting plushness each time you lie down, while isolating motion transfer from a partner or pet who may toss and turn. They also provide an ideal amount of softness for side sleepers more prone to pressure points on firmer mattresses. Below the foam layers, a layer of pocketed coils complements the Trinidad 10.5 Medium Hybrid Mattress with support and spring, lending the Trinidad structure. Especially beneficial for stomach sleepers who often need more support than soft foam mattresses provide, this additional layer ensures healthy spinal alignment and even weight distribution. Pocketed coils also facilitate airflow easily with their even spacing, which helps the Trinidad 10.5 Medium Hybrid Mattress regulate temperature-a crucial ingredient in quality rest *Cover may differ than the image shown

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